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22 -March -2018


 The Highly Anticipated 2nd Album Including The Hit Singles‘Aaja Hun’ & ‘Shera Varge’


 After the success of the singles ‘Aaja Hun’ & ‘Shera Varge’, HIGHFLYERS return with their highly anticipated 2nd Album‘BORN DESI’.

In 2011, Highflyers released their self-titled Debut Album which featured the smash-hit songs ‘Baa Farke’ (feat. Late Kaka Bhainiawala), ‘The Shinda Duet’ (feat. Surinder Shinda & Maninder Shinda), ‘Daru Naal Yaari’ (feat. Late Kaka Bhainiawala) & ‘Gulabi Suit’ (feat. Meet Malkit).  This album firmly introduced the Highflyers sound into the industry.

For their 2nd album, Highflyers wanted a name which represented their roots and music style, the name ‘Born Desi’ was selected. Highflyers always infuse traditional elements in their music, representing their roots in each song they produce.

The 14 track album is accompanied with a video for ‘The Manak Tribute’, which is a tribute to the Late Legend Kuldeep Manak Ji.  A folk anthem destined to rock the dancefloor!  The Track features the powerful raw vocals of PARGAT KHAN, the nephew of Kuldeep Manak, with lyrics by the legendary writer Dev Therikewala.  The video was filmed in different areas of Punjab, part of which was shot on the well known GT Road, displaying a modern twist to the story told in the lyrics.

The album promises to showcase a variety of different styles, while still featuring the signature Highflyers sound.  It will bring a fantastic vibe to the scene and display the growth of the Highflyers (Gurj & Indie) as artists.

The Album ‘Born Desi’ by Highflyers released under VIP Records is now available to purchase from

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Album also available on Spotify & other trusted Digital Outlets.  CDs also available in local shops around UK. 
Also available internationally on digital formats.

Check out the Manak Tribute Full Video:


Check out promos of the Full Album, including a interview with the Highflyers



1. The Manak Tribute  Vocals: Pargat Khan  Lyrics: Dev Therikewala
2. Aaja Hun  Vocals: Jaswant Heera  Lyrics: Bhinder Khanpuri
3. Ki Lehna  Vocals: Billa Ferozepuria  Lyrics: Bhinder Khanpuri
4. Shera Varge  Vocals: Late Kaka Bhainaiwala  Lyrics: Bhinder Khanpuri
5. Din Kushiyan Da  Vocals: Bakshi Billa  Lyrics: Om Kandholewala
6. Pyar Tere Naal  Vocals: Jaswant Heera  Lyrics: Bhinder Khanpuri
7. Galwakri (Hug)  Vocals: Late Kaka Bhainiawala & Joyti Gill  Lyrics: Jasvir Bhairuppa
8. Udham Singh In London  Vocals: Major Chanalia  Lyrics: Bhinder Khanpuri

9. Full Speed  Vocals: Jaswant Heera & Demonic  Lyrics: Bhinder Khanpuri & Demonic
10.   Shera Varge (Remix) Vocals: Late Kaka Bhainiawala  Lyrics: Bhinder Khanpuri

11.   Yaar Himesha (Remix) Vocals: Bakshi BillaLyrics: Sonu Mahuwalia

12.   Gulabi Suit (Remix) Vocals: Meet MalkitLyrics: Avtar Kaunke

13.   Aaja Hun (Instrumental)

14.   Full Speed (Instrumental)